Shop Rate $72 Per Hour

Standard diagnostic fee $36*

Tire Changes

  •  Street-  Cruiser                              $72*                  
  • Street- Sport                                   $62*
  • Street- Trike/Gold-wing     Call for pricing
  • Off road-Dirt Bike                          $50*
  • ATV/Quad                                        $34*
  • All street- Off vehicle                     $36*
  • Dirt Bike/ ATV- Off Vehicle           $28*

        *$2 disposal fee charged if old tire/s are left.

        * Additional charges for 

  • Slimed Tires
  • Rim Locks

Engine Oil Change                                        $36*

 *These  are  labor  rates  only! All  prices  are  subject  to  change, additional  fees and taxes.

Our mechanics work on all makes and models of Quads, Scooters, Motorcycles, and Go Karts, making us your one stop shop to service your street and off-road machines. We have years of experience to offer you a professional and quick visit, specializing in a range of different jobs to get you back on the road.